The senior first team play in the NIFWA league. After a successful first team season in 2018 when they reached the divisional cup final and finished  near the top of the division they were promoted to Division 2 of the NIFWA. Most of the squad has been together since the team was set up and they always work hard for each other and with the pride in the Swift's badge.  

Coach: Steve Smith

Coach: Jonathan Maxwell


The reserves team are newly formed and will play in Division 5 of the NIFWA where they will play against other reserve and development teams. Predominantly made up of our U16 squad this team will provide a pathway to players as well as providing an opportunity for all of our large first team squad to get playing time. 

Coach: Gerard Rooney

Coach: Maria Gourley

Under 15's

These are our oldest girls. Another step up in terms of competitiveness from u13 these girls play in the SBYL Girls league and cup. This team give everything for their coaches and the bond in the team is clear to see. Being the ‘big’ girls they set the bar for the younger teams as well as setting a good example and few members of this squad already volunteer with the younger age groups which is great to see. Coached by Gerard, who also offered them all less than minimum wage to work in his shop, and Maria, who wanted a leopard print away kit.

Coach: Maria Gourley

Coach: Gerard Rooney


Under 13's

This team consists of girls born 2008/2009. This is a transitional year for girls where they move from non competitive, 7 a side, football in the GDP into the competitive, 9 a side,  league and cup structure of the SBYL. It can be difficult but this bunch have met the challenge head on, overcoming all the obstacles in their way. They are still learning and developing but are on the right track for the move to u15. These girls are coached by Ciara, Mandy and Kev (who just carries around the kit and equipment).

Coach: Kevin Shannon

Coach: Ciara McEvoy

Coach: Claire McCaffrey

Under 11's

This team plays in the 2010/2011 age bracket. They are a very talented group of girls with a fantastic attitude to boot. They play in the IFA Girls and Boys Games Development Programme and represent the club with gusto. They are coached by Shelly, Victoria, Johnny, Joanne. Its difficult to get a picture of these girls but they can often be spotted in the background of Shelly’s selfies!

Coach: Shelly Higgins

Coach: Joanne McGettigan

Coach: Johnny Magill

Coach: Victoria Higgins

Coach: Amanda Timmons

Under 9's

Playing in the 2012 age group these girls are almost veterans they’ve been around that long! These girls know they’re way round a pitch. They have a great spirit and attitude to match! Playing their matches in the IFA Girls Games Development Programme they are coached by Rebecca, Cora, Niamh and Aimee they are the ‘self proclaimed’ best team at the club.

Coach: Rebecca Maxwell

Coach: Cora Maxwell

Coach: Niamh Neill

Coach: Aimee Derby


Under 8's

These girls play in the 2013 age group and although still relatively new to the club this wee team formed an instant bond and proudly represent the club in the FonaCAB development league at Solitude. Not to be messed with these girls take on all comers in equal measure and don’t back down easily. They are proudly coached by Donna and Lorraine with the help of a few aspirin.

Coach: Donna Maxwell

Coach: Lorraine Megahey

Coach: Ashlynn Cowden

Coach: Claire McCaffrey


The Minis are the babies of the club but that doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly!! Aged from 4 - 5 these girls are enough to keep even the most experienced coaches on their toes! Just ask their coaches Alicia, Alayliah & Carol who are coaching the girls through football fundamentals, although at times it descends into madness!

Coach: Alayiah McKeown

Coach: Carol Walsh

Coach: Alicia McKnight

Coach: Carol Higgins

Coach: Rebecca Cousins

Coach: Lara Magee