Carol Walsh pic.jpg

Carol Walsh

I coach for Minis

1. How long have you been involved with Belfast Swifts, as a player or coach?

I have been involved as a coach for 2 years

2. What made you get involved with coaching at Belfast Swifts?

I got involved because my granddaughter played for the club

3. What is your ‘go to’ drill?

Collect the cones drill

4. What drill do your girls love the most?

 They love Guard the Spaceship game

5. What is your most used saying at training or matches?

Don’t climb on the nets

6. What is your favourite thing about coaching our girls?

They are full of energy and the progress they have made

7. What is the one thing you never leave the house without?

My phone

8. What four people (alive or dead) would you have round for dinner and why?

I would have my 5 grandchildren round for dinner

9. What is your favourite meal?

Steak and chips

10. What is your biggest Phobia?


11. If you had a one-way ticket to go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would go to Donegal, nowhere more beautiful and I’m not a big fan of flying

12. Who is your biggest hero/inspiration?

My biggest inspiration would be my family