Alicia McKnight Minis Coach bio pic.jpg

Alicia McKnight

I coach the Mini's

1. How long have you been involved with Belfast Swifts, as a player or coach?

Player for 3 years and coach since February.

2. What made you get involved with coaching at Belfast Swifts?

I love working with kids and watching the older girls coach inspired me to start coaching.

3. What is your ‘go to’ drill?

Cat and mouse game

4. What drill do your girls love the most?

The cone game

5. What is your most used saying at training or matches?

‘Let’s go girls!’

6. What is your favourite thing about coaching our girls?

I love seeing the girls improve each week and seeing how much they enjoy playing.

7. What is the one thing you never leave the house without?

At the minute my face mask lol

8. What four people (alive or dead) would you have round for dinner and why?

My gaga because he tells the best stories, Scott Brown because he is my favourite player, Michelle Obama because she is very inspirational and Niall Horan because I love his music.

9. What is your favourite meal?

Chicken curry

10. What is your biggest Phobia?


11. If you had a one-way ticket to go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

New York at Christmas time because it looks amazing with all the lights and snow.

12. Who is your biggest hero/inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my daddy. He is my number one supporter and always encourages me to do my best while playing football.